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Water & Soil Probiotics

Composition: Bacillus subtillis, saccharomyces cervisiae, Bacillus Lincheni formis, Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus megaterium, Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus niger, Aerobacter and enzymes Amylase, Lipase, Protease Cellulase, Beta glucosidase etc. 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Avoids production of poisonous gases from pond sludge since probiotics degrades and utilizes sludge as food
  • Makes no food to pathogenic bacteria hence bacteria like vibrio die of starvation
  • Reduces stress & improves the health of the prawn / fish
  • Provides good atmosphere in the ponds

Prawn / Fish Ponds: 5 kg. / hectare once in 2-3 weeks or as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 kg., 5 kg. 

Water & Soil Probiotics

Composition: Rhodococcus, Rhodobacter, Bacillus group of bacteria in liquid form 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Makes the pond clean, clear and fresh
  • Reduces bottom sludge
  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria like Vibrio
  • Eliminates poisonous gases like NH3, H2S, SO2, CO, etc
  • Prawn / fish relieves from stress and become more active

Prawn / fish tanks: 5 litre / hectare once in 2 - 3 weeks
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr. 


Composition: Gluteroldehyde - 50% 

  • Very safe and proven sanitizer and dis infectant for aqua ponds
  • Controles all kinds of viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan loads
  • Helps to control gill, antennae, and tail infection of prawn and fish
  • Helps for initiation of moulting process

Prawn and Fish Tanks: 500 ml / hectare 

Presentation: 500 ml., 1 ltr.

Feed Probiotic

Composition: Lactobacillus sporogenus, lactobacillus acidophillus, saccharomyces cervisiae, bifidus, multi enzymes, multi vitamins, micro nutrients, L- Lysine, DL - Methionine etc. 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish
  • Cares the gut of the animals by providing more comfortness
  • Reduces harmful microbial load in the gut of the animals
  • Avoids stress to the prawn / fish
  • Improves FCR, growth and body weights
  • Provides strength and disease resistance
  • Very much useful to control white gut disease in prawn

Prawn: 5 gm/1 kg. of pellets continuously with a good binder like Gold Gel
Fish: 500 gms./ton of feed - 5-7 days in a month (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 500 gms., 1 kg. 

Nutrient Gel

Composition: Gold Gel appears in a sticky gel form and contains nutrients like amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals 

Benefits: Prawn Tanks
  • Acts as best binder for powders to be supplemented through feed
  • Will not waste either feed or powders
  • Helps for better growth and weights
  • It posses good nutrients, attractive flavour, taste and allows to consume feed quickly

Dosage: Prawn feed
30-40 ml. gel per kg. of pellets
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr.

Herbal immuniser Growth promoter & disease controller

Composition: 60 varieties of herbal extracts including Vitis vinifera, Atropa, belladonna, Cinchona, Ledgeriana, Bitter orange, Bitter melon, Chicory, Turmeric, Neem leaves etc 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Improves disease resistance / immunity
  • Helps for better growth and body weights
  • Acts as good anti microbial agent
  • Prevents and controls most of the bacterial diseases of prawn and fish
  • Very safe, no side effects, no residual effects and no drug resistance
  • Controls both subclinical and clinical stage of infections improves growth of the animals
  • Highly useful during conditions like poor growths, un even growths, loose shell disease etc

Dosage: Prawn:5-10 gms/kg. of pellets 5-7 days in a month with a suitable binder preferably Gold Gel.
Fish: Preventive use 500 gms. per ton of feed. 5 days in a month.
Curative use: 1 kg. per ton of feed 7 days. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. 

Presentation: 500 gms. 

for control of zoothamnium infection

Composition: Anti protozoan liquid of bio chemical origin 

Benefits: Prawn Tanks
  • Effectively controls Zoothamnium infection
  • Helpful for control of LB infection too
  • Very much useful to remove algal beds in the ponds
  • Controls weeds and algae in the pond bottom

Dosage: 1 litre per hectare. Repeat the dose after one week if necessary. Double the dose if the problem is severe
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant. 

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr. 

for immunity, growth & body weights

Composition: Carotinoids, cooked protiens, essential faty acids, multi vitamins, micro nutrients, etc 

Benefits: Prawn Tanks
  • Improves immunity of the animals
  • Provides additional strength to the animals
  • Helps to remove stress and makes the animal healthy and active
  • Increases growth and body weights

Dosage: 5 ml / kg. of pellets regularly (or) as advised by an aqua consultant

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr. 

DO Imporver

Composition: Sodium perborate, Alluminium hydroxide, natural oxygen releasers etc 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Acts as fastest life saving substance and avoids mass mortalities
  • Improves DO levels and maintains for longer periods
  • Makes the animal very active
  • Relieves from stress

Dosage: Prawn and Fish Tanks
2.5 kg/hectare (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 kg. 

for control of Ammonia & other gases

Composition: Yucca schidigera, natural saponins, surfactants 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Binds ammonia quickly and sents out
  • Also binds toxins secreted by harmful bacteria, algae apart from H2S, SO2, CO etc
  • Improves dissolved oxygen content
  • Animal feels nil stress and more comfort
  • Improves health and activeness

Dosage: Prawn and Fish Tanks
Powder: 2.5 kg./hectare
Liquid: 2.5 ltrs. per hectare. Once in 2-3 weeks. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 kg., 5 kg., 1 ltr., 5 ltrs. 

Aqua Grade Zeolite

Composition: Zeolite - L contains purified and double filtered concentrated zeolite in liquid form and humic acid 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Spreads in the pond water quickly and reaches all water molecules within minutes
  • Adsorbs all kinds of noxious / toxic gases from the pond (like NH3, SO2, CO, H2S, methane etc.)
  • Corrects the toxic effects of the chemicals (iodines, bromin, aldehydes etc.) on soil and water
  • Covers the cracks / erosions on soil and improves the water retension capacity of the soil
  • Makes the pond water clean, clear and fresh
  • Dissolves the pond bottom sludge and helps for better pond climate

Dosage: For pond preperation: 50-100 kg. / acre
During culture period : 10-25 kg. / acre. Repeat the dose once in a month 

Presentation: 25 kg. 

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid : 50%
Vitamin-E : 1%

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Helps for collagen formations in the muscles of the prawn / fish
  • Relieves the prawn / fish from routine stress in pond
  • Provides additional strength to bear extra stress if any
  • Animals become more active and takes enough feed
  • Improves growth and body weights
  • Improves activeness, survivals, resistance in prawn/fish

Prawn Feed: 2-3 gm/kg. of pellets with suitable binder preferably Gold Gel continuously
Fish Feed: 200 gms. per ton of feed. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 500 gms. 

CHEMI - 20
odine 20%

Composition: lodine 20% 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • It is a powerful bactericide, Fungicide, anti protozoan and antiviral agent.
  • Pond becomes clean and fresh.
  • Controls the external infections of prawn like black gills, red gills, necrosis, wounds etc.
  • Treats all kinds of external infections of fish.

Dosage: Prawn and Fish Tanks - 2 - 3 litres/hectare. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr. 


Composition: Bio chemical agents, organic acids, surfectants, saponins etc. 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Most suitable alternative to kill all kinds of viruses in aquaculture ponds.
  • Starts action within minutes after application and kills micro organisims within 12-24 hours.
  • Controls all external infections of prawn / shrimp including gills, tail and antennae.
  • Readily soluble in water and no leaching effect.
  • No stress, no irritation, non corrosive and safe to use.

Dosage: Prawn and Fish Tanks -
1 kg. per hectare once in a month. Double the dose if viral load is high.
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 kg. 

BKC 80%

Composition: Benzyl konium Chloride : 80% 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Acts as best moulting agent for shrimp / prawn
  • Controls bacterial infestations like gill rot, tail rot etc. in prawn tanks
  • Treats protozoan and fungal infections of prawn / fish
  • Reduces microbial load in the ponds
  • Purifies and removes off odours in the ponds

Dosage: Prawn and Fish Tanks -
2-5 Litres / hectare depending upon the severity of the problem. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr. 

for shell formation & skeletol strength

Composition: Fine powder prepared from highly sterilized shell grits of sea animal sources 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Prevents and controls loose shell disease on periodical administration of shell plus in prawn
  • Enhances growth and body weights in prawn and fish
  • Helps to induce moulting process periodically in prawn
  • Improves bone and muscle strength in fish

Prawn: 20 gms/kg. pellets with a suitable binder preferably with Gold Gel 7-10 days in a month
Fish: 1 kg. per ton of feed. 3 - 5 days in a month. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 kg. 

Plankton Promoter

Composition: It contains minerals like zinc, manganese, cobalt, Iron, magnesium, molybdenum and natural plankton enhancers etc 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Promotes the growth of plankton
  • Regulates temperature and oxygen levels
  • Prawn / Fish feels comfort and relieves from stress
  • Improves water purity and quality

Prawn / Fish ponds: 5 kg/hectare. Double the dose if more plankton is required. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 5 kg. 

Pure squid liver oil

Composition: Double refined pure squid liver oil extracted from healthy squid livers 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Acts as best attractant and ensures the animal to feed well
  • Avoids wastage of feed and reduces the pollution as well as production cost
  • Improves immunity, growth, strength, health, body weights
  • increases digestion and FCR
  • Acts as good binder too for prawn pellets
  • More survivals, less medication and high profits

Prawn Feed: 10-20 ml. / kg. of pellets continuously (or) atleast 10 days in a month
As a Binder: 10-20 ml./kg. pellets. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr. 

Bromin 5%

Composition: Bromin 5% 

Benefits: Prawn & Fish Tanks
  • Acts as powerful pond sanitizer
  • Controls off odours of the pond
  • Kills the microbes without much stress to prawn/fish
  • Suitable to treat infections of gills, tail, antennae etc., of prawn
  • Prevents and controles external infections of fish like wounds, bruises, gill infections etc

Dosage: Prawn/Fish : 2-5 litres/hectare depending upon the pollution
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant 

Presentation: 5 ltr., 20 ltrs. 

Concentrated Biochemical liquid concentrate

Composition: It is a specialized concentrated biochemical liquid having powerful anti microbial properties 

  • Acts as best sanitizer and dis infectatant in aqua ponds
  • Controles protozoan infection of prawn like ZOOTHAMNIUM, EPISTYLIS etc
  • Initiates moulting process in shrimp / prawn
  • Helps to control external infections of prawn and fish
  • Controles excess blooms or unwanted algal mats in the ponds

Dosage: 100 ml / acre

Presentation: 500 ml., 1 ltr. 

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